We are on a mission to make work synonymous with fun, meaning, and belonging.

Find your tribe.

The CultureBrained community is for you if you are looking to:

  • Expand your network and tap into the collective wisdom of culture leaders and champions on a journey similar to yours.
  • Increase your impact as a culture catalyst in your company.
  • Actively explore ways of keeping your company culture in shape for meaningful growth in the post-Corona world.
  • Take better decisions, resulting in minimizing friction, drama, and burnout, and creating a work environment that propels your people to greatness.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel - find best practices on creating a Culture Playbook, hiring for culture add, creating psychological safety, and more.

Our values

Everything we do at CultureBrained is guided by our core values. They have been built into our foundations and are amplified by our community members.

Our main effort in building this community is focused on creating the right conditions for all members to embody these values in a way that feels enriching and authentic and that supports us in turning this community into the best place for Culture Leaders to learn from each other.

Be bold.

We support each other to show up boldly and challenge the status quo. We create a space where we can be vulnerable without fear of judgment, helping us all embrace uncertainty so that we may pursue our goals with courage, commitment, and drive.

Be kind.

We believe that the kindest thing we can do for others is to see and accept them as they are. We practice empathy in our interactions and are generous with time and attention, creating positive change through mutual support, feedback, and encouragement.

Be curious.

We steer clear of dogma, passionately embracing the growth mindset, creative debate, and disciplined experimentation. We choose to view our successes and failures as information on what works and what doesn't, unlocking their true value with powerful questions.

Why join now?

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on connecting with your peers without the distractions of social media.
  • A global network of experienced culture leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, from CEOs to culture transformation leads, engaged in actively exploring how to cultivate remarkable cultures at scale.
  • Tools and guides that help you codify, activate, scale, and evolve your company culture.
  • Unlimited, free access to support events: Masterclasses, Flash Masterminds, Guest Talks, Member Spotlights, and workshops.
  • Weekly CultureBrained Huddle where we grapple with UnGoogleable questions, seeking to find new ways to approach current and old problems.
  • Life-long 30% discount on the annual membership fee.
  • Community ambassador status allowing new members that you recommend to join at a discounted fee.
  • A unique opportunity to shape this community and its culture from its first year.

What does it mean to be CultureBrained?

“A CultureBrained leader is someone who has a 'musical' ear and is able to discern what is on-key and what is off-key when it comes to culture. They are very open to feedback and different points of view and have the courage to try new things. It's someone who is growing, changing, and adopting before it's needed and is always on the lookout for the right "culture add".”

Katarina Berg
CHRO at Spotify

“To be CultureBrained is to be someone who wants to build a people-first company, who believes the best in people. It means understanding that culture isn't a fad, it's not a "nice to have", not a gimmick but the framework of the business. CulturebBrained people are forward-thinking and innovative and want to challenge the system and change things for the better."

Luke Kyte
Head of Culture, Reddico

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